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WOYWW…on a Thursday

Well the pictures were taken on Wednesday, but I had computer problems.  Actually if I am honest with myself, my computer had human problems….Yes, I was asking way too much of the poor computer and it decided it would go slow and make me pay.

Anyway here is a view of my area from the other side of the desk, and it is a bit of a disaster in places at the moment.  I have stamps, paints and loads of gear all within a kind of arms reach.

Someone last week asked about the red basket on my desk, which is home to my leftover embellies and bits and pieces (within reason).  I got the design from Kathy’s Waffle and was just testing it out.  I have intentions of making them as Christmas baskets, gift baskets and table decorations when I hold my next big bash.  The book ring was my idea as I just had one sitting there.

Someone else asked why so many usb drives are on my desk.  It is kind of easy to explain, so here goes.  I sort my photographs on the computer by year, month and event onto an external hard drive.  As I download them I also put them into a separate folder called “To Print”, which is where I sort them into 4×6, 5×7, 2-to-a-print, 4-to-a-print and 8-to-a-print.  I then put them onto these cheap ($5) usb drives to take to get processed (one for each folder).  The problem at the moment is I haven’t printed photographs for the whole of 2010 yet and my backlog is huge…will have to remedy soon.

Anyway there you have my workdesk for this week, even though it is a day late.  Hop on over to see Julia if you want to check out what everyone else is up to and thanks for stopping by.


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