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I have been looking at all the great posts for this fun day for ages…..What day you say?  What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Julia organises the whole thing and it is fun to see what everyone is doing.  Well here is my workdesk and I have to say it is a disaster.  I am going to start a card with the pink, lime and burgandy papers later in the week, after I clean-up all the leftovers from my recent class prep.


  • Julia Dunnit

    Alicia – welcome to WOYWW! Class prep on top of whatever’s on your desk – same method as me! And then reveal the beautiful BG papers you plan using; I love that pattern. Your desk looks very inviting to me – got ribbon?!!

  • Jozarty

    That is never a disaster, it’s an interesting creative collection of crafting in progress. Love it! we should stop knocking ourselves and just enjoy! I tidied seriously this week and have had lots of comments to how neat and organised I am… I feel soooo guilty because I’M NOT. It’s just like that for a day and other weeks show my real mess.
    Love the story about the toy dog. Happened to my DD2 at that age with a soft doll but we had to advertise for it as it was lost whilst blackberrying down a country lane. We got it, and she still has it and she’s 36 now!
    Welcome to WOYWW!

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