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A Flash Back and A Piece of Art

Apart from being a bit unwell over the last couple of weeks (I’m on the mend now) I have been very busy – both at work and at home.  I have however been keeping up with teaching my regular Scrapbooking and Copic Classes, and creating the occasional layout or two.

In between all of this I have created this painting using Golden Fluid Acrylics and Liquitex Acrylic Inks.  It is just waiting to be varnished/sealed and then I will be hanging it on a wall somewhere – maybe at the shop for a while, maybe in our bedroom at home.

Layered Acrylic Painting - Alicia Redshaw

I also wanted to acknowledge how my children are growing-up before my eyes, and how very proud of them I am.  This is the photograph of my three children on the first day of School in 2011 – when Milton started Year 8 at High School, Naomi-Jon started Year 5 and Noah started his Kindy year at a local SEdU.

First Day of School 2011

And this was the photograph I took last week as Milton started Year 11 (Senior), Naomi-Jon started Year 8 at High School and Noah started Year 2.  Noah will be on his own at School for the rest of his Schooling now, and we know he will do just fine.

First Day of School 2014

Well that is it for me – for now – I might be back later with some pictures of my Scrapbooking Class for tomorrow at Scrapbook Fantasies.

Happy Creating and have a wonderful day

Alicia Redshaw

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  • Dawn

    Your canvas is gorgeous, love the colour. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, glad you’re feeling better. Oh my goodness, the kids look super, so mature. A bit sad to realise that time is passing so quickly but you and Quentin have done a fantastic job of preparing them for life.

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