A Month of Happenings…

Well I have been promising to update for a while now and I just don’t seem to get there, so here goes with what has been happening over the last month…

We got a new member of the family:

Noah & Lulu 2Noah & Lulu 1

Lulu is Noah’s robotic cat and she went flat for the first time within a week, not so surprising when you consider how much love she receives.

On the subject of Noah…who has been obsessed with wearing:

Butterfly Wings

Yes, fairy wings are his fav for dress-ups at the moment.

I finished Grandma’s Album (pics coming in a later post) and we delivered on one of our trips to Bundaberg for Quentin to go to his hand therapist:

Noah and Great-Grandma HeidkeA Quiet Moment

This is Noah enjoying time with Grandma after almost trashing her house. And the other is Noah and Quentin enjoying a quiet moment by the River.

Our unpacking is going well with only a quarter of a storage unit to go!

For Valentines Day we went out to see “Valentines Day” and had a lovely dinner uptown:

Valentines Day

We did however forget to take our traditional Valentines Day photograph, the above is all I got.

Noah had an accident at work one Friday afternoon and this is what I created from a fabric shopping bag for him to wear home:

Kung-Fu Pants

He called them his Kung-Fu Panda Pants.  (BTW he does actually have a Panda Suit from when Naomi-Jon was doing Dancing)  Anyone needing the pattern for these fab shorts knows how to contact me!

The kids had a ball at the Founders Day Celebrations:

Crate Tower

Some of the activities included crate stacking and archery, loads of fun and laughs for everyone involved.

Noah got a new hat from Grandma:

Cool Dude

And now he thinks he is as cool as the pre-teen with attitude living in the bedroom next door to his!

We finished our wardrobe/storeroom:

New Wardrobe

The hanging space is fabulous and the storeroom area means that the freezer is no longer in the dining room and we have a place for everything and everything in it’s place (eventually).

I got a new car – well it is actually Milton’s first Car:

My New Baby

Isn’t she beautiful, and she goes superb too! I have always said I would never get a black car, but Quentin, Milton and I fell in love and that was the end of that.  By the way, it is a 2010 Camry Altise with a lot of extras (including spoiler, window tint, exhaust add-on, different grill, better stereo, reversing camera, etc, etc).

On the other side we had to say goodbye to Quentin’s Sonata:

Good-bye Sonata

Not so bad considering it has seen us through and didn’t cost a lot in the first place.

I have organised new uniforms for everyone at work:

New Uniforms

Although not all of them have arrived yet they look fabulous and the girls started wearing them from last week.

My store celebrated its 7th Birthday (my business is 7 and a half years old though):

Shop Birthday

It was fun.  Thank you to everyone who helped us to celebrate, and here’s to another 7 years of creative fun.

At work we have been creating some albums for a customer and will be giving them to her children later this week, thank you to everyone who has helped and provided support during this process.  I have also made invitations for a local wedding coming up in May too.

I have been teaching a lot of classes, samples of my next few can be seen here.

My boy got an award at School…And rightly so…He might be difficult at home right now, but he is definately hitting his stride at School and completing his assessments ahead of time to an outstanding standard.

Our new bedroom got finished the other weekend:

New Bedroom

It is fabulous and very light and airy.  I love the colours and am just waiting on some extra curtains and a new quilt cover that I have ordered.

The kids and I made bread a week ago:

Beautiful Homemade Bread

It was so yummy and healthy too.  I haven’t done this in years, but well worth it.

Noah started Kinder-Gym:


And he absolutely loves it, and Dad gets to attend two out of three Thursdays.

Alicia Redshaw

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