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Slow week for Reno

We had a very slow week with our Reno at an almost stand-still this week.  The slab was marked and cut, but nothing else happened.


Inside the house was a different story with loads of packing, cleaning, chucking out stuff, shipping stuff off to Vinnies and general moving around to keep some sort of normality going.  I am typing this from the dining room as that is where my office is now (in the corner of course), my scrapping is now done from a corner of the lounge room and we are well on the way to having the old studio cleared out ready for paint and floor coverings.  On the floor coverings – we can’t put down the flooring in the new studio for up to three months due to the slab being new (when it is eventually poured).  Anyway here are some extra pics from Quentins part of the exterior work last weekend, resheeting the entertainment area roof and grinding off the old footings (mostly so we didn’t break our necks everytime we walked out the back door!).


Last Saturday night we had Sarah over again and we all shared a big platter of chips (from up the road, naughty I know), salad and home cooked chicken.  Noah decided that he didn’t want his little plate he wanted the whole platter to himself.  He has also started to use the typical childhood cheesy grin accompanied by the word “Cheese” when having his photograph taken.


 I couldn’t resist taking this one on Wednesday, isn’t he so gorgeous?  I think so.


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