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We have some Reno action!

Yesterday we had most of the airconditioning units fitted.  Just three to go once the new studio is finished.

This morning saw us go from this bare slab in the back corner of the yard to the final result of our Entertainment area being moved.  Here are some of the happy snaps of the smooth event that was the crane and several mates having some fun. (If you hover over each image there are some captions as to what was happening)

The bare slabThe crane was a tight squeezeFitting the slingsWe have lift-offIsn't this awesome!Swinging across the yardAlmost thereComing down into positionJust a bit more guidance neededNearly thereQuentin & Andy giving the foot a helping hand

And whilst all of the excitement was happening I was dropping Milton and some of his mates from Scouts at the Mount Etna National Park for a day of Caving.  This was the final step in his leadership training, to organise a group activity.  Milton loves anything adventurous, caving included.

Miltons Caving Day

I had to include this pic of my little man enjoying a bath this afternoon.
Noah the Bath Addict

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