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Some of you may have been wondering what has been going on around here in the last year, other than having our fourth child arrive.  We have been renovating a home that we didn’t quite fit into, and even so the results are stunning.  We are so proud of the beautiful home we have created out of some pretty humble beginnings and now that it is on the market we wanted to share the results with you.


Credit for these beautiful photographs goes to Brenda Strong and Margie Richards.  Brenda owns Strong Images Photography, and I recommend her without question as her work speaks for itself.  Brenda is also a dream to work with, whether it is a personal or business shoot.

Now Margie Richards is a whole other story, and the short version is that if you are selling a house in the Gladstone region she is the first person you need to see (and possibly the only one too).  Margie gives the best advice and if our current contract goes through she will have sold our house in a slow market in under four days.


Enough of the talk and onto the photographs that show how hard we have worked in the past year – you will also note that there is nowhere to create in this house either (which is a struggle for more than just myself).

9-dunstall-street-main-bathroom 9-dunstall-street-master-bedroom 9-dunstall-street-ensuite9-dunstall-street-miltons-bedroom 9-dunstall-street-miltons-bedroom2 9-dunstall-street-naomis-bedroom 9-dunstall-street-noahs-bedroom 9-dunstall-street-noahs-bedroom2 9-dunstall-street-amelias-bedroom 9-dunstall-street-dining1 9-dunstall-street-dining2 9-dunstall-street-kitchen1 9-dunstall-street-kitchen2 9-dunstall-street-kitchen3 9-dunstall-street-kitchen4 9-dunstall-street-kitchen5 9-dunstall-street-kitchen6 9-dunstall-street-lounge 9-dunstall-street-lounge2 9-dunstall-street-lounge3

Our next project is to make our original home “Our Home” again after spending ten months as a rental.  I have big plans for the Kitchen and Studio, but first there is repair work needed in the Storeroom, Laundry and largest Kids Bedroom.  Keep an eye out for some progress reports as we move again and “Re-Renovate”.

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