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Creative Family Time

I have to share some creations that have we have been making this week.

Milton made this yesterday afternoon for one of Noah’s Ponies to live in, and yes it did get a little squished in a block tower disaster the first time he played with it today.  I am so proud of his design and mathematical engineering to get some of the tricky parts to work first go.

I made this Alphabet book for Noah at work yesterday.  It took three hours and is a combination of several of my really really really old classes.  It isn’t finished yet as I am trying to get some “Cued Articulation” pictures to go on the pages, to back what he learns at School.

And under Naomi-Jon’s instructions and to her design requirements I designed and created this lovely Barbie Doll House Bookcase.  She already has it full of books (she has created with cardstock) and ornaments/trinkets.  Her wishlist includes a study desk and chair so that Barbie can further her education!

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