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Quick Gift Idea

I thought I would share the finished altered notebooks I created for the Mothers Day Stall at School today.  I actually made 24 of them this time, and individually they are very quick and easy to create.  I added the flower to the cover with a brad, then used co-ordinating cardstock to cover the back-cover (to cover the price label) and the inside front-cover (to cover the brad back).  The ribbons are all double knotted on the spines, which should have put a dent in my ribbon stash – but I’m not completely convinced of that.  Naomi-Jon missed out on buying one today so we are going to make some more over the weekend for her.  I usually have a box of these at home decorated and ready for quick gifts, but they are all going on the bring-and-buy stall at the Mothers Day Morning Tea at St Peters Anglican Church (J.Hickey Avenue) tomorrow morning.

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