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Reno Update

This is where we are at right now:

-The revised pool design will fit into the revised pool location, quote is on its way (yay a win)
-Extension of house is back at the drawing board phase (again), but the new plan for the roof looks promising
-Council plans for previous additions are in and being used to adjust new plan
-Can’t fit a crane in the backyard so the Entertainment area has to be dismantled before being moved
-I’m still working on the Council submission for the move of the Entertainment area (been slack, but the new extension plans are at least 4 weeks away and that is my justification)
-I think Quentin found a concreter for the Entertainment area
-I have decided on a shabby chic recycled arty look for my new studio, I have plenty of miss-matched old furniture for that!

Anyway will update when something else happens in the way of moving forward.

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